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Riyadh – Saudi Arabia
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We provide construction services for commercial, retail, and other various types of building construction projects. We have the expertise as well as the skills to complete construction projects on time, according to budget, and in compliance with the needs of the client.


Project management is a service we offer. In order to guarantee that your project is delivered in line with the necessary quality standards, design, and legislation, clients can trust their projects to our professionals, who are operationally efficient and technically sound. Each project receives the best results possible thanks to our project management personnel.


We present qualified engineering consulting services. By utilizing our abilities to address customers' consulting needs for every aspect of their projects, we deliver unique turnkey solutions to their truest desires.


To support diverse building construction tasks, we provide BIM. The architecture, engineering, and construction sectors are undergoing a digital transition, and BIM is its basis. By integrating digital solutions into engineering practice that ensure better results, we provide improved methods of working.


In order to maintain our clients' facilities in the best possible condition, we provide facility management solutions. We work with clients to make sure their facilities are efficient, safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. In order to guarantee that clients get the most productivity out of their facility, we make sure that it enhances people's quality of life.


Our proficient maintenance team is prepared to meet our clients' needs whenever they arise, anywhere in the kingdom.

Explore the Features

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Project management is one of the services we provide.
Clients may entrust their projects to our professionals, who are operationally efficient and technically sound, to ensure that they are delivered in accordance with the relevant quality standards, designs, and regulations.
Because of our project management staff, each project achieves the finest results possible.


As a result of our experience working with countless clients from numerous countries, we recognize that enduring, personal connections are crucial. The future is built on a foundation of personal connections. Our work is influenced by how well we grasp the cultural, social, political, and economic circumstances of our clients. At AFAQ, we engage in the languages of our customers and peers.

We Execute the Project

After we have listened to our client, we aim to start the project's execution throughout all phases, which include initial preparation, planning, designing, execution, and delivery. Throughout the process, we remain connected to our clients. Projects are carried out in order to achieve their goals.

We Listen to Clients

We communicate with clients and carefully listen to their needs in the language they find themselves most at ease with. We gain a comprehensive picture of their desires and ambitions by conversing with them.